Building Brokers


Building Brokers

Thinking of building? Avoid the pitfalls! See us before you see the builder so that we can help you navigate your journey without any unexpected surprises. We are consultants. We don’t work for the builder, we work for you. Let us show you how to get a FIXED price home so you can enjoy peace of mind from start to finish. House & Land SA are Adelaide’s original Building Brokers established in 2000.

What is a Building Broker?

Building Brokers are just like Finance Brokers, Insurance Brokers, and Energy Brokers. A true Building Broker is a Building Consultant who is not aligned to any one builder. *Be aware that some Building Brokers are just unqualified salespeople that may be aligned to only 1 builder. Ask to see their credentials and make sure they provide multiple quotations.

The Role of the Building Broker?

The role of the Building Broker is to search out the best fit for your building project. A good Building Broker will generally have a panel of Builders that they work with regularly, but should be able to include builders of your choice when tendering your project.

The most confusing things when shopping for a builder is in determining who is offering the best product for the best price. We are able to guide you through the minefield of Builders and Building Contracts and can advise you on what you need to do to get everything included in your contract, including a Fixed Price.

Contract Signing and Selections?

You sign your contract together with the Builder and your House & Land SA consultant. If you select a builder of your own choice, we can attend the contract signing with you and the Builder as well as being able to answer any questions about the building process.

Project Management

House & Land SA offer a full Project Management service from conception to completion. We are there to watch over every aspect of your project and coordinate with the builder and all of the finishing off contractors to make your experience enjoyable and seamless.


At House & Land SA we have over 200 different designs for you to select from as well as in-house Architectural Designers for those that require something individual.

Found Your Block?

We recommend that you see us prior to purchasing your new block of land so we can arrange for a site inspection to determine what difficulties or hidden costs may be associated with the block.

Turn Key Options

We have a home finishing team which can provide your new project or dream home with all the things you will need to move in – all the things that your Builder may not want to do. Be aware that Builders can charge excessively on these items if they do not want to do them.